Mezzero "Borgo di Boccadasse" limited edition

Gino Paoli made us dream with his cat in the attic, De Andrè praised her in Crêuza de mä... Weiss Gallery pays tribute to Boccadasse with a splendid mezzero by the Genoese painter Angelo Verardo.

Delicate tones and watercoloured colours honour one of the most beautiful views of Genoa, which has withstood the urbanisation of the city, preserving its ancient charm intact. The famous village of sailors and fishermen, one of the most photographed and loved not only by Ligurians, is depicted here by the Genoese Master in its poetic simplicity: charming little houses colored with the classic colors of ancient Genoa, the beach where, even today, very small wooden boats seem to rest, the gentle waves that lap this small inlet and in the distance the promontory of Portofino and Punta chiappa, beautifully framed by an olive tree, a symbol of prosperity and hope.

Mezzeri - a bit of history

They are large, colourful and decorated multipurpose cloths that often represent natural scenes of flora and fauna and symbolic elements, such as the Tree of Life, which is often its central constituent element. The tradition of the Genoese Half-breeders starts from the flourishing trade with the merchants of the Company of the Indies dating back to the fifteenth century. Gradually these magnificent canvases decorated with stamps and wooden moulds became part of the furnishings of the Palazzi Nobiliari Genovesi, gaining a place in the clothing of noblewomen who used these finely decorated canvases as a cloak. 

The word mezzero in fact derives from the ancient Arabic mizar, which means cover, hide.

The Mezzeri (or also Mezzari) have therefore become the spearhead of the factories of the Telerie Genovesi and still today loved and used in the vast majority of the apartments for the beauty of the scenes depicted and the many applications of use. They can in fact be used as curtains, bedspreads and bedspreads or mounted on a frame and displayed as tapestries, precisely because of their close link with the tradition and symbols of Genoese culture. Weiss Gallery offers a wide selection of Mezzeri, first of all the mezzero Borgo di Boccadasse, a special edition produced in limited edition, to celebrate a great tradition combined with one of the most beloved places in Genoa. A perfect gift idea, a memory for tourists nostalgic for a magical place or for fans of the Mezzeri and Boccadasse, those who can not wait to relax on the small beach most beloved of the city every time a ray of sunshine returns to peep out.

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