The Mer of Staub, the Mediterranean Sea in the kitchen

WEISS GALLERY presents the collection La Mer by Staub, the beautiful shade for the cocotte, inspired by the deep and intense tones of the Mediterranean.

Available from today in our online store, the cocotte sank in this bright blue will give a touch of elegance to your kitchen and your table. The cocotte is part of the traditional French cuisine and is designed for stews, soups, roasts and braised roasts, but is also excellent for many other recipes and cooking, including baking bread in the oven! The enamelled cast iron structure distributes and maintains heat evenly and effectively without the need for aging.

The lid evenly distributes the water vapour during cooking, keeping food moist and delicious.

The varnish discolours, rust and does not splinter.

The ceramic base is suitable for all heat sources including induction and baking up to 250°C! In the following video you can see how the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea are a natural source of inspiration for the synthesis of this shadow that tastes of light wind, maritime pines clinging to the rocks and gentle waves breaking on the rocks. I wish you a beautiful summer!

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