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In view of the period we are living in, the furnishing trends see houses less excessive, less ostentatious and less colorful. After a period that has seen us closed in the places where we have lived for weeks, we are now cautiously approaching furniture, design and furnishing trends fully reflect it.



The furnishing trends to date perfectly reflect the historical moment we are living in. During the lockdown, homes have become the safe place to lock yourself away for weeks. For this reason, some things have become absolutely essential compared to others.

Among the things that stand out most, natural light and the view have become vital. That's why bright, renewable environments are being sought after.

The trends of the year.

The bathroom becomes a small boutique or living room, a place to live. The trend is to make the bathroom cozy and pretty but also particularly decorated. So it's all about pictures and plants.

We must also say that there is a clear desire to return to natural materials, such as wood, for a clean, sober, warm and comfortable bathroom.

The invasion of Nature.

Nature enters our homes. Whether it is the relaxing colors of the earth, such as mustard, brown or floral motifs. In this case, we are talking about jungalows. Often the earth palettes, in a modern key, are combined with blue and bright fluorescent colours. Patterns and colours that will invade not only the walls but also the textiles.

The new classic.

The trend mixes the rigour of the 50s and the Scandinavian minimalism we all know. We see the return of marble, dark wood and a cleaner style.

For 2020 the furnishing choices impose a firm will to get back in touch with nature and the environment. For this reason also the furniture has conformed to the new housing needs and has been influenced by sustainable solutions, minimal furniture and open space environments in order to favour livability instead of what we consider superfluous.

What are the most trendy colours?

The most popular colours are those that create light and contrast, creating brightness and cheerfulness in all environments. This is why the most popular colours are mint green, cloud pink, burnt orange and sky blue. Perfect shades for the increasingly widespread tendency to create strong contrasts between neutral colours and colours with character, to be combined with grey and matt blacks.

Kitchens and living rooms.

For the most important room of the house the furniture choices go towards the open space and the large and cosy furniture. Among the favourite materials are steel, light marble and metal with clear references to nature. Even for kitchens the furniture becomes a liveable space, so the environment is filled with people and colours that cheer them up. Intelligent and space-optimising furniture is a winner.

Bathroom trends.

The bathroom becomes the space to relax with colours and combinations that recall the vintage style declined towards a minimal and linear. This leads to the desire to decorate sanitary surfaces with colourful, greenish tropical plants that absorb unpleasant odours. As well as the use of air purifiers and fragrance diffusers.

The return of the cuckoo clock.

Sometimes they come back... the classic cuckoo clock turns into a modern proposal with an alternative design. A typical object that brings us back to the past, to the mountain chalet or to a typical Tyrolean home. Now becomes a decorative element that smells of the past but is revised according to modern design canons; often stylized, coloured in an alternative way, playing with exuberant and lively chromatic intersections.

Metropolitan Style: When furniture meets personality.

In recent years there has been much talk of metropolitan style. But what does metropolitan style mean? It is a particular and original style capable of transforming any environment into a modern and cosmopolitan space; a style that perfectly combines the elegance and charm of the traditional with an organic and experienced atmosphere with a unique and original result.

The metropolitan design is pleasantly flexible, composed of essential and modern lines. Uses mainly neutral tones and materials that focus on unique finishes and is easy to customise with lighting, furniture and furnishings. Despite its simplicity, the metropolitan style manages to create a bold and even ecological result thanks to the use of recycled materials.


What are the characteristics of the metropolitan style?

Essentially the materials: no elegant fabrics are used combined with metropolitan style furniture but there are functional materials and furniture that can also be given an alternative use. It is possible to combine metal elements with wooden floors, stone ceilings and steel beams or walls with exposed bricks.

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