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6 Lékué silicone bagel moulds


With the help of Lékué’s 6 Silicone Bagel Moulds, you can now effortlessly make delicious bagels with a crispy, golden finish in your own kitchen. Made from non-stick silicone, the central spike makes it easy to create a uniform hole in each ball of dough and acts as a convenient handle for safely dipping in and out of boiling water (essential for that authentic texture) before placing in the oven to bake.


Designed to give you optimum results every time, and because no one wants a bagel with a soggy bottom, there are tiny perforations in the base of each mould to allow excess moisture to drain away, ensuring that all-important crispy finish. Once you’ve finished, the moulds stack together for convenient storage, and are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. Oven safe up to 220°C. About Lékué Barcelona-based Lékué offer innovative and creative solutions to make eating a healthy, balanced diet easy and enjoyable. Embracing new materials and the latest in technology, they attempt to inspire people to cook in different ways, simplifying the process, and using food to cultivate a happy and optimistic attitude towards life more generally. With innovative designs, Lékué ensure you get the most out of your oven and microwave. Whether its steaming rice, making your own bagels, or even roasting a chicken in the microwave, their products ensure it is effortlessly easy and store away neatly when you're finished.
12.5cm Dia. x 10cm H.

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