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knIndustrie-Set Himalayan salt plate

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The new way to prepare beef and fish cooked in natural manner and with fantastic taste!

A fine salt, pure, full of a very wide spectrum of micro-nutrients is the pink salt that is extracted from the slopes of the Himalayas, known as "Diamond Rose".



The only one that combines sodium chloride 84 other trace elements, those of the periodic table, and all the trace elements calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, sulfur, iron and antioxidants - in the exact amount that we need. And 'the salt far more pure available on earth and is absolutely not contaminated by any toxin or pollutant. Kingdom pure spring water, Himalayan Crystal Salt contains all the natural elements absolutely identical to the elements present in the human body - the same elements originally existing "in the primordial sea" when the earth was completely submerged in water. Is extracted manually, and every crystal is washed in pure water source to remove any dust or residue and dried in the sun. With a work of great effort and patience is then checked and prepared to be shipped, without any refining. Particularly suitable for food use; to taste it tastes rounder, less aggressive, does not cover the flavors of other foods, but accompanies them and enhances them; is completely assimilated by the intestines, which should not commit to separate the salt into smaller pieces, but are unable to digest it immediately; is not pure sodium chloride, which draws the water and makes water retention, but thanks to the other trace elements, is already complete and does not create any water retention. Its therapeutic effect is also recognized by the medical establishment. The Himalayan Crystal Salt is vital energy in its pure state, thanks to its highly ordered crystalline structure is significantly better than salt on an energetic level.
The plate of salt is placed in the oven at 200 degrees in the oven for 20 minutes with its ceramic support. It brings to the table for grilling meat, fish or vegetables.
The salt heals leaving the very soft and preventing it from burning on the salt because you can not develop carbon black. By osmosis, the salt penetrates cooking gently, giving flavor and taste extraordinary and unique, more and more intense depending on the duration of the cooking.
The kit includes, in addition to the plate of Himalayan salt, the ceramic tray and support bamboo to be placed on the table.
Measure salt plate: 20,5 x20, 5x4, 5cm ceramic support measures: 36x23cm

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Himalayan salt,Oven safe porcelain,Bamboo
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