tivoo bianco divoom
tivoo Pink princess
tivoo bianco divoom
tivoo Pink princess

TIVOO pixel art speaker by Divoom 5011en


Divoom Tivoo is the 4rd generation pixel art smart speaker. It features a 16x16 full RGB programmable LED panel, an acoustic enhanced design, and a new mobile application.


1. 360°audio direction w/bass port 2. 256 full RGB programmable LED 3. Elegant design & functional controls 4. New mobile application & features 5. Bluetooth 5.0, TF card & AUX audio  

Great audio: latest audio technology & Unparallel tuning experience delivers the finest audio in such compact body Craftsmanship: Tivoo is more than just an eye candy. Every detail is a result of engineering perfection. Pixel art creation: Create pixel art has never been easier. Draw anything at your fingertip LED Editor: Professional LED editing program. Create your own custom lightings. DJ Mixer: For the true music enthusiasts Create a remix with the professional DJ mixer Smart alarm: 14 refreshing alarm profiles, Highly customizable settings, Support self-recorded alarm Sleep-Aid: 24 professional sleep-aid profiles, HQ alpha wave audio tracks, Melatonin inducing lighting Voice memo Record voice message for your family and friend, You can even set your message as the daily alarm

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