Tacapasta rosso

Tacapasta Marcato Pasta Dryer/Dryer


Once you have prepared the dough and cut it into the format you prefer, here is the accessory to roll it out and let it dry before cooking: Tacapasta. In less than 50 cm of space, you can roll out up to 2kg of dough, thanks to its 16 arms. After use, Tacapasta closes on itself, for easy storage.

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Size: 45,1 x 45,1 x 48,3 cm It allows you to dry up to 2 kg of pasta at a time. 16 arms to carry different types of long pasta. The practical multipurpose wand facilitates the collection and distribution of pasta on Tacapasta. Structure made of chrome-plated steel and food-grade polycarbonate

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45,1 x 45,1 x 48,3 cm
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