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Berkel Vacuum and sealer machine


Foods as fresh as the second they were prepared Through its unique and unmistakable style, Berkel has transformed an ordinary household appliance into an innovative object with a refined design. The signature imprinted on the stainless steel enhances the visual impact of Berkel Vacuum, perfect for display in your kitchen. The Berkel Vacuum perfectly complements the slicer, guaranteeing the conservation of flavours, freshness and quality of foods, while eliminating unnecessary waste.


High Tech Technological fittings have been developed to guarantee professional results, thus responding to all requirements, with incomparable results. The double suction pump ensures greater duration over time, reducing work stress the machine is subjected to. Excellent flow rate equivalent to 18 l/min enables the reduction of work times.

Technical data:
Machine size and weight 440x245x113h mm / 4Kg Electrical specifications 230V - 50Hz Double pump With self-lubricating pistons Max Vacuum -0.82bar/ 61cm/Hg /-11.9PSI
Welding Self-adapting and Adjustable Welding bar L 315 mm in aluminium nominal flow pump 18 l/min Canister Tube included

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