KÜCHENPROFI Candy thermometer

KÜCHENPROFI Candy thermometer


With the KÜCHENPROFI sugar thermometer, you can prepare delicious caramels, cakes, candied fruit and candies. Jams and jellies reach the right temperature: not too firm, not too liquid.


The sugar thermometer is also used for the production of lauter sugar, which is used to soften cakes and sweets and gives them a shiny appearance. It is sufficient to hang it in the pot and have everything in sight in the range between 40 ° C and 200 ° C. The longer you boil the sugar solution, the higher the sugar content. At the same time, the boiling point increases. 

Temperature range: 40° C to 200° C /100° F to 400° F, with adjustable pan holder, thermally insulated handle.

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