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Knindustrie The Griddle soapstone


If you want to cook healthy and diet-friendly dishes, soapstone is a valid alternative when preparing meat, fish and vegetables without adding any source of fat but simply using spices or herbs, or marinating lightly before cooking, to add extra flavour to the food. Indeed, once heated over a low flame, soapstone keeps the temperature constant and uniform, not burning food and not sticking to the surface, and it is easy to clean.



Moreover, the container in satin-finished aluminium, as well as allowing you to place it on the flame more easily, can be used as a pan or tray to bring food to the table. The soapstone can be cleaned in hot water and a dab of dish detergent, with a soft sponge, and it is dishwasher safe, preferably at low temperature cycles (50°C or ECO). It can be used on gas and direct flame cookers, and in the oven; It cannot be used on induction. Size: 34 cm

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