Casserole 1 handle Salina Line Ballarini

Casserole 1 handle Salina Line Ballarini


High non-stick aluminum saucepan for induction with one handle Salt Line.



Granitium Ti-X: Extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 5 layers (4 layers + titanium base), for ultra intensive use. Non-stick metal tool-proof.

Special induction base: Bimetallic base made of aluminium composite and induction steel for the best induction and thermal storage capacities, suitable for all heat sources.

Forged aluminium body for food use: extra thick, non-deformable, specially designed to delay overheating, also suitable for use in the oven.

External coating: resistant to high temperatures, easy to clean.

V" handle in stainless steel: in steel also suitable for use in high temperature ovens.

Base diameter for induction: 14,5 cm

Diameter: 16 cm

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Aluminium and steel
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