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Emile Henry 2 Liter Black Induction Ceramic Round Casserole

Emile Henry 2 Liter Black Induction Ceramic Round Casserole


A small casserole compatible with all fires including induction, light, practical and innovative. Finally a ceramic pot with all the benefits it provides and the best of a cast iron casserole … Unpublished. Simmer long hours with a mild heat, quickly grasp at high temperature, roast, jump … It is now possible with Emile Henry’s Delight casserole, made in France.

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Brands: Emile Henry

Capacity 2 litres

Diameter 26 cm

H 17,3 cm

This is a first for ceramics. Although there are dishes and utensils ceramic compatible with induction, but with significant fragility and manufacturing processes that do not allow for large series. After several years of research, a state-of-the-art ceramic created with precision technologies, especially for very precise cooking, makes it possible to obtain a high-quality ceramic dish with, as a bonus, new characteristics that can be found in others. materials like cast iron.
This ceramic passes therefore on all the lights like the flame, the oven, the electric plates and vitroceramic, but also the plates induction, even with the function booster, without that weakens the casserole. It is therefore possible to heat it quickly and strongly without fear of distorting or weakening it and thus make the most of the advantages of induction. A light, handy and pleasant to use casserole. Ceramic provides incomparable lightness to other materials, including cast iron. It has the same characteristics for cooking your dishes. You will not forget it at the bottom of your cupboards and will have no hesitation to take it out to realize your best recipes. Rise in high temperature fast, warm heat and keep warm. Thanks to its compatibility with the induction and high resistance of its ceramic, this casserole is hot in 1 minute, which saves time and energy and allows to grasp, brown or roast without delay. In parallel with this reactivity, this casserole keeps all the properties of the ceramic like inertia and allows to simmer with a soft and regular heat made by the material. This inertia keeps your dishes warm when serving for at least 30 minutes, which can serve late-comers or serve a second course with a hot dish, which is very pleasant. Email resistant, durable and healthy. The enamelled finish of the ceramic creates a very solid, smooth and perfectly stable and healthy coating. The perfectly smooth enamel is easy to clean, does not catch, does not smell. In use, the enamel is also very practical because its resistance makes it possible to use metal utensils, even knives, to cook, or even cut the poultry and roasts in the baking dish. The casserole is dishwasher safe. Beautiful and practical design with Véronique Maire. Good design is not just about aesthetics, it’s also easier and better use. Véronique Maire, experienced designer, thought of the users and the dishes that could be cooked with this casserole. First of all, rounded and generous roundings in the bottom allow to easily stir and clean easily the casserole. They also prevent food from staying in a corner and burn when cooked. The handles, wide and lined by those of the lid, allow to handle the casserole alone or with its cover without thinking, with ease.
The large lid button that incorporates the logo of the brand Emile Henry can take the lid easily and put the lid upside down without dirtying or burning the worktop. Cover closed, it allows to rest a spatula or spoon. Finally, the pimples on the inside of the lid and the recessed rim ensure a continuous watering of your dishes during cooking to keep your meats and vegetables tender and soft. Pass on all fires including induction, oven, microwave and dishwasher.  5 year warranty. French made.



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